Kulti Freedom Foundation


About Us

We, Kulti Freedom Foundation, are a rehabilitation treatment center for addicts, alcoholics and mentally sick people.

We offer all kinds of addiction treatment like drugs, alcohol, all types of dry and liquid chemical dependency, and mild mental disbalance and psychiatry treatment.

We are a...

Why is addiction dangerous?

Addiction is a perilous trap, ensnaring individuals in its treacherous grip and inflicting profound harm. Its danger lies in its ability to seize control over one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions, leaving behind a trail of devastation. Physically, addiction can ravage the body, leading to deteriorating health, organ damage, and even fatal consequences. Emotionally, it dismantles relationships, erodes self-esteem, and fuels a never-ending cycle of despair.

Rehabilitation is not punishment. It's a second chance at life.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Actress

What we offer?


Rehabilitation for de-addiction


Rehabilitation for alcohol


Rehabilitation for drugs


Rehabilitation for all mood alternate substance


Rehabilitation for mild psychological problems


Rehabilitation suicide prevention


Rehabilitation for gambling

young asian physical therapist working with senior woman on walking with a walker

Rehabilitation for life style & character defects